Saturday, January 21, 2006

Ok so last night, I was websurfing again and came across this amazing feathered gown from Emanuel Ungaro. Oh gosh was it pretty. I was hypnotized. It looked like swan feathers sprinkled with tiny little crystals all over. one prblem though... it didnt have a train, and it was a-line. I was really thinking of trying a wattau train for the wedding... but I dont think it would work with a strapless gown. Especially not a ballgown/princess gown. There is this exclusive by Privite Label that I really liked... But when I saw it up close... the zipper was made so cheaply. It looked like they took a beautiful satin gown and stuck a nylon zipper on the back. YUK. It did not make me happy.

Hahahaha Last night I actully left a comment on Santino Rices Ya know the one from Project runway? Lol.

So anyway, its saturday so here I go again, back out into the wild, in search of a gown. I hate the shops here though. They are so cheap. It looks like all of their gowns are made of kleenex.
And to make matters worse I have to fit my gown into a theme. My mother will not let me wear red. Or any other color for that matter. So my idea of the traditional Indian Lengha is out. But my gown has to fit into a theme.

Heres so far what I was thinking. Peacocks are the national bird of india. My girls are already wearing red saris I could cool off the red a bit by accenting them with blue green hues of peacock feathers. Then with all of them being the color for the wedding, then I could come out in the stunning Ungaro gown. hmmmmm.. I really like that idea. Drama.

Second idea... Finding a gown that has complimentary beading and embroidery as the girls saris. and then on top of that, finding a color that will look good on my yellow ass. grrr.

ok so anyway. Nuff said.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Bridezilla baby!

Yes I am a bridezilla. I was engaged on December 27, 2005 and Ill be tying the knot on November 18, 2006.

We are having a banghra theme and will be throwing the party Mughal Raja/Rani style baby!

Dont F%&#@ with my creative process! This is my day Bitches!